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Attorney Graham Syfert, Foreclosure Defense Attorney: Legal Representation in Duval County, Nassau County, St. Johns County, and all of Florida.

Jacksonville Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Graham Syfert has been teaching other attorneys forclosure defense since 2008, by consultation, and by attorneys seeking education credits with the Florida Bar.

Frustrated with the lender?

Negotiations and conversations with your mortgage company making you crazy?

Everyone that comes to see me has one thing in common. Different people at the bank are telling them different things every time they try to make contact. Some days, the sky is falling and the people on the other end are rude and unresponsive. Other days, they're working with you on your loan modification, and aren't interested in all in foreclosing on your home.

The most unfortunate are the people who have reached an agreement with their lender, and the lender has changed the terms or gone back on a few of the details that was important to the safety and security of your home or financial future.

As a resident of Florida, if you are represented in court, you have rights to a mediation on a homestead property, which is essentally saying that if you live in the home, you are entitled to this mediation. But you are not entitled to mediation if you are silent!

A lot of false promises are made by other professionals, fraudulent and deceptive loan modification companies, and sometimes by the lender, the mortgagee, the loan servicing company.... the list goes on and on and most people don't know where to turn to find out what their rights are. Graham can help.

What does it cost?

Attorney Syfert Says: "Foreclosure defense requires an initial deposit of $1500.00-$2500.00, depending on current circumstances which is billed out hourly. Or, instead of the initial deposit, we also accept $350/per month billed out hourly, not including client defense options which require payments to third parties such as court reporters, and forensic audits of your mortgage documents. I and my staff ensure that your foreclosure defense is done correctly every step of way to protect all you rights."

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Graham W. Syfert, Esq., P.A.
Phone: 904-383-7448
Fax: 904-638-4726