The foreclosure defense firm of
Graham W. Syfert, Esq., P.A.

1650 Margaret St, Ste. 302, PMB#264 [Map]
Jacksonville, FL 32204

E-mail: graham@syfert.com
Fax: 904-638-4726
Phone: 904-383-7448

A Jacksonville Attorney's Not Quite Paperless Office - Reduction of Paper - Environmentally Friendly Office

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While it is impossible to eliminate all paper in your representation, administrative tasks, client intake, and billing are handled through the internet and through the use of scanners whenever possible.  This lends itself to an eco-friendly non-waste producing environment, increases productivity, and frees up Mr. Syfert to better serve all his customers.

Those uncomfortable with e-mail commuication, or those who do not have e-mail communication, will be responsible for the pick up of their bills and to make payments at the Margaret St. office.

Those who do not have e-mail addresses may have their statements delivered by fax, as well as e-mail.  Those clients who do not have a dedicated fax line, and cannot pick up their bill, must contact a local UPS Store or Fedex/Kinkos, or other dedicated fax service to receive faxes.

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Graham W. Syfert, Esq., P.A.
Phone: 904-383-7448
Fax: 904-638-4726